How to use app as a Clinic, add patients, add doctors, notify patients? is a Cloud-based Queue (line) android application. The App will be used by the Doctor’s Clinic or the clinic person who used to write patient name in tradional khata way.


  •  Sign Up
  • Aapne Clinic ka naam Daale: Aashirvaad Clinic (Udharan)
  • Mobile Number : 910000000 (Udharan)
  • Address : 1B, 1st main road,  Jayanagar (Udharan)
  • City: Bangalore (560041) (Udharan)
  • Mobile Pe Aaye OTP ko Daale : 560021 (Udharan)
  • Aapna 4 Digit Passcode banaye : 1234 (Udharan)


  •  Click on Add Doctors
  • Doctor ka naam add karien: Ramesh Kumar (Udharan)
  • Time Slot Enter Karein: 4:00-6:00 pm (Udharan)
  • Select Days, kin kin din doctor appke clinic me baithte hai.
  • Niche diye gaye boxes pe click karke chunne (Udharan ki liye, Mon, Tue, Wed)