How to be safe in this pandemic situation of coronavirus at clinics and maintain social distance?

People are at high risk in developing nations in account COVID-19 which include older adults, pregnant women, people with asthma and HIV, and people with underlying diseases, including heart disease, lung disease and diabetes. 

“Over 80% of people will have only mild symptoms of COVID-19. Adults who are healthy and active generally do the best of their capabilities.

“Physical distancing is a key component to decrease asymptomatic spread and can be manageable easy by any country.


Wash your hands

Yes, this is still the no. 1 way to prevent coronavirus, “The no. 1 thing you can do to prevent any respiratory illness is to practice good personal hygiene.” 

Stay home

The CDC, the WHO, governments and healthcare workers are all urging people to stay home if they can. Some people don’t have the luxury of working from home, and people still need to venture out to grocery stores and gas stations. But when you can stay home.

If you do need to leave the house, follow some of your own innovations such as  application which has been made in Bangalore to decrease the social distancing between people at doctor’s clinic.

Follow local public health guidelines

By mid-March 2020, many states, counties and cities implemented their protective measures to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus

If your state or local government has imposed guidelines, you should follow them to the best of your ability. 

Boost your immune system

On top of basic illness, prevention can help you fight with this virus and you can manage easily the symptom if your immune system is working properly and helping your body to De-instruct the virus from your body if not then consult your nearby doctor and you can easily maintain social distancing through which might be used by doctor’s clinic at your area and maintain all the preventive measures issued by World Health Organisation (WHO).