A virus or a break for Earth’s Livelihood!

As the world was heading towards an epidemic glory, An Instant Incident happened in China, all the things twisted and turned out to be like the worst nightmare ever happened in global history.

Yes, we are talking about the Coronavirus (COVID-19),  which affected the country and the world spontaneously. All the daily activities have been shut and major lockdowns happened all around the globe. 

Till now the United States is the most affected country in the globe.

China which used to be the starting point of the disease but now china has been rigged out of the race? why so?

China has been facing an economic slowdown in a very un-polarised way, that leads to China thinking of something bad or worse than (prediction by various media publication)

Positive Aspect of Coronavirus: 

Frankly speaking, there is no positive aspect of this virus but as human beings, we must think of positiveness in everything, so that we can make our living better in a positive manner.

The Quality of Earth lives, i.e, Air, Water, Birds, Animals, etc are healing themselves and are creating a positive atmosphere that will lead the earth towards the positivizes everything.

Prevention Of COVID-19

  • STAY home
  • KEEP a safe distance
  • WASH hands often
  • COVER your cough
  • SICK? Call the helpline

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